Pseudodoxia Epidemica 1-3

Pseudodoxia Epidemica Parts 1-3 – Box Bedroom Rebels – (2016) – 7″ Vinyl, CD and Download

YYI are an improv duo from the north of England and features Shaun Blezzard, responsible for the stunning 19 minute remix on the Ambience3: Tiny Vipers CD.
Think of this epic release as the louder twin of the Ambience series; featuring a huge 2 track 7″ and a 74 minute 1 track CD. This is 3 tracks of controlled live manipulated found sound, cosmic drones, rhythms, pulses, echos and much really is a dark, beautiful astral trip.

Improvised, recorded in 1 take, this is the sound of a duo deep in the heart of a tornado of sound. Again its over a double LP’s worth of music in a 7″ single!

If you love the works of Yellow Swans/Gabriel Saloman, Edgar Froese, Work/Death, Mike Weiss, Flying Saucer Attack, E.A.R and other cosmic explorers then you’ll love this!

A beautiful dense groove.

Turn on, Tune in….black out.

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‘Its a behemoth of a record…consisting of a 2 track 33prm 7″ and a 74 minute one track CD (plus an extra 4 tracks on the download code clocking in at an extra 44 minutes of music)Think of this as a denser, cosmic companion to the Ambience series…a truly astral trip of cosmic proportions! YYI are a well renowned northern improv duo (who also perform with Hugs Bison & Some Some Unicorn) who make walls of sound using a myriad of sounds from found sources which are fed through FX units, twisted, cut up, stretched, reformed…you name it, it’s done with effortless ease and craftmanship. The 3 pieces here were recorded in 1 take.’ – Piccadilly Records