I have a long history of using and teaching technology in creative ways – music, animation, film, augmented reality, sound art, comic making and much more.

I am not a coder, a digital artist or anything like that. What I am is a fierce DIY led artist who looks for free or cheap technologies to get creative with. So animation workshops involve webcams and open source software for example.

boy-set-3My current work has seen me working on a research project with Hugs Bison, funded by Sound and Music, looking at ways to engage new audiences using digital and on line technologies. This has included developing an off grid studio that we can broadcast audio shows from anywhere with a 3G signal and helping Sound and Music and Tusk Festival with streaming solutions for events.

I am developing an interactive graphic score system called Capriccio that premièred at the Network Music Festival in Birmingham in September 2014 and will be at some festivals next year including the Other Worlds Festival in Blackpool.

I am working with The Ashton Group theatre company as a consultant looking at ways they can incorporate digital technology into their work, this includes presenting ideas to the board of trustees and working with one of the youth theatre groups to integrate projection mapping into a new piece of work.


Feedback about Hugs Bison streaming Tusk Mini – 

‘As a punter logging onto the stream it was a great experience. As someone who works in the area it was one of the first times I had felt really involved in a festival like this from a distance – it felt much more native to digital than what I have experienced before. So it was genuinely innovative and I am really glad Sound and Music was able to support it.’ Nick Sherrard (Head of Development, Digital and Communications – Sound and Music)