Unicornucopia is finished and the files have gone of to the pressing plant!! T-Shirts have been ordered and some flyers for our launch party!! This shit just got real….

unicornucopia-squareWe are on target to have it all ready to go for the 24 September release date. The lathe cut 10″ singles should be here tomorrow or the day after, so just the sleeves and labels to do on them and then wait……

You can still order stuff from our PledgeMusic page

Also please book in 30 September if you are in or around London as we are having a launch party at i’klectik. More details to follow.

Thoughts at this stage?

Crowd funding is hard work. You need to keep up the pressure of marketing as much as you can without annoying people and be patient. There is a decent start to the campaign, then weeks of doubt, then a rush towards the end. We made it (103% at the moment) but it felt touch and go.

The album is amazing. I know it may be seen as arrogance to say so, but I am very proud of the finished result. Some of my favourite musicians agreed to play on it, brought their amazing talents and between the 50 or so people involved we have made an album I am very, very proud of.

The next round of hard work starts now of promotion and trying to sell as many copies as possible. If you are a reviewer or interested in playing something on your radio show then please let me know.

Now have a little sneak listen to 3 of the tracks on the album.

Unicornucopia Complete
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