Live at Iklectik

ODD7 Recordings – ODD7002 – Digital Download


Clutter Music – CM023 – CD & Digital Download

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‘this beautiful record is a total delight, injecting new life into a genre which has lately seemed in danger of becoming stultified and crippled by its own history and baggage. Mr Blezard, and all the musicians named on this record, can feel proud of this achievement’  – The Sound Projector

‘this is one hot, noisy, musical mess that the late Sun Ra would have loved.’ Electronic Sound

‘a far jazzier set that revels in passages of dexterous linguistic lobotomising and rousing improvisation’ Jazzwise

‘Modern, beautiful, jazzy, difficult, free; it’s pretty hard to pin down exactly what Some Some Unicorn are. All I know is, I love what they do’  The Sampler

‘Sometimes awkward and uncomfortable, other times completely compelling, this second release from noise collective Some Some Unicorn is an even more ambitious project than their first.’ Cumbria Live

‘Minimal overdubs mean that the sound is still fresh – although different musicians were recorded playing live together at each studio date, it sounds like a single, extended jamboree – and the benign smoke and mirrors approach gives the album a pleasing hyper-real unity’ We Need No Swords

Running on Empty

Clutter Music – CM022 – Digital Download

Some Some Unicorn and The Golden Periphery

Clutter Music – CM013 – CD & Digital Download

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‘They are just as dizzyingly exhilarating as they sound. At times their sound is infuriatingly indescribable, which just makes one focus further on the music. This allows one to appreciate how stunningly intricate and diverse the pieces are’……. ‘It’s so incredibly creative and compelling. Not sounds to rock out to, but definitely one for music-lovers who appreciate the eclectic, and we do.’ Other Worlds Festival

‘A case of music-making catching up with the way we live day to day in an electronic age perhaps’  Merlbank

‘The sounds oscillate (sometimes literally) between noise, tuneful fragments, delicate melodies, questing ambience, social commentary, and so on but the whole thing hangs together as a single and coherent aural journey, practically cinematic, a tribute to large-scale creativity and the editing skills of Mr Blezard.’ A Jazz Noise

Shaun Blezard – Some Solo Unicorn

Clutter Music – CM017 – Digital Download

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 A Perfect Example of Grace

Track featured on compilation Classwar Karaoke Survey 30 – Digital Download