The Kendal Mint CakeThe Kendal Mintcake is the solo recording & remixing alias of Thom Soriano, a member of NYC pop/dance mainstays Nova Social since their inception c. 2000.

His work as TKM incorporates cheap consumer keyboards, Stylophone, heavily treated guitar, field recordings, old software and much mangling of samples.

Touchstones along the way have included Johns Oswald & Cage, Steinski, Todd Rundgren, Robert Fripp, Pet Shop Boys and free flexi-discs that came in newspapers & on cereal boxes in the ‘80s.

Mintcake has released a 3” CD of real-time treated vinyl nature recordings and a cassette of composed pieces on his own Big Sleep Records label. His next recording will be an EP for the Under The Spire label in the UK. He is currently collaborating with Stuart Estell (Lachenalia, ORE tuba duo) under the name ‘The Rodent Proletariat’ and is a total loudmouth on Twitter.


Introducing The Kendal Mintcake
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