steve lewisSteve Lewis is the man in charge of Deep Cabaret.

DEEP CABARET is now a 6 piece band. Ben McCabe plays drums, Matt Robinson bass and other clarinets, Paul Sherwood hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes, Maja Bugge cello & Jayson Stilwell overtoning & percussion. Steve Lewis, as ever, guitar & vocals.

We’re bringing together the dancey joy of Orchestre DC Dansette with the atmospheric noir of Deep Cabaret 3. In short; riffs ‘n’ drones. ¬†And what drones – hurdies, bagpipes and beguilingly unsettling harmonics of Tuvan overtoning!

Think desert blues improv with voices, hurdies, cello, pipes and reeds. Sparkling jazz, rooted fol, torching vocals and guitar played as only a drummer could.

We want the music to be fulsome and romantic one moment, edgy and disturbed the next. With lyrics to listen to, sampled from novels, poetry and philosophy mashed-up with sitcoms and Sherlockian self-help.

Looks like it might be working if audience response thus far is anything to go by – “gorgeous & stirring”, “wonderful & invigorating”, “f***ing astonishing”

Deep Cabaret website

Introducing Steve Lewis
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