Simon FoxSimon Fox is an acoustic meddler, with work ranging from traditional folk songs to more challenging sonic experiments. Since disbanding grover, Simon has quietened down, trading sweeping guitar theatrics for more intimate, acoustic-led songwriting.

The songs, performed under various fox monikers, show a more personal, reflective side, with deceptively rich arrangements, a disarming wit and a flair for creating intimate moods. Recordings feature simon playing a wide variety of instruments, including guitars, banjo, percussion, keyboards, theremin, mandolin, even occasional brass and woodwind.

The debut fox release, the first rule of comedy by lonesome fox was released in December 2007 on bearos records. A host of fox singles and exclusive compilation tracks are available on where it’s at is where you are records, and the debut solo album, everything is for the best by world of fox on commercially inviable records. A soundtrack to Marc Silver’s film, there are no others, there is only us was premiered at the supersonic festival 2009. In 2010, world of fox released one free cover of an ’80s song each month as part of the respect project and the whole thing was released on where it’s at is where it’s at is where you are records at midnight on new year’s eve 2011. Simon’s third solo album, borrowed times, was released in 2013, again on commercially inviable records.


Introducing Simon Fox
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