Phill Gregg
Phill Gregg

Phill Gregg pisses about with music software and has a penchant for the odd Korg. Sometimes people pay him for this which helps to pay for cat food and more software. He doesn’t always play well with others but does enjoy making music with his mate Damo and wishes Caz Gaz could play bass on it all.

While writing soundtracks he loves the ease of having a script as a jumping off point. But to have existing sounds as with some some unicorn writing with/over/against was like going on holiday. Sadly due to real world commitments he’s sorry not have played on more tracks, but hopes to add more in stage two.

He enjoys watching televisions, getting drunk, and critiquing hotel rooms, he dislikes people referring to themselves in the third person and writing biographies.

Introducing Phill Gregg
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