Jonathen WattJonathan Watt aka Victor Ward has spent years creating music in his unique style, spanning different genres into his own creations.

Having spent time on the Manchester DJ scene he has acquired the knowledge of a range of different forms of music and taken influences from many different areas.

Focusing now on his own productions he writes, produces, mixes and masters all of his work and has had success from numerous releases and live performances.

Jonathan works in a community based recording studio in Manchester called Seed Studios where he teaches computer music production, studio recording and DJ techniques. Jonathan has also produced and recorded albums for local artists ranging from progressive rock to Bollywood music.

Spanning genres from ambient sound art, drum and bass, electronica to house and techno Jonathan has an individual sound and has put a huge amount of time and effort into all of his creations but still enjoys learning and is always and keen to collaborate, remix and support other artists.


Seed Studios website
Seed Studios Bandcamp
Basscatz Recordings
Cuts Too Deep album

Introducing Jonathan Watt
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