james parsonsBrighton based drummer and comic artist.

As a drummer currently playing with In Threads

As a comic artist he says – I started selling my work on street corners in 2001 as a bet with a friend. They were send-ups of various world leaders and A-list celebrities. A shop called me up asking to stock them, then shops in London called me up asking to stock them, then a stranger made an animated web version which became a big internet hit. Read More

Hundreds of emails telling me how great my stuff was flooded in from all over the world, alongside hundreds of emails telling me how despicable and rude it was. I was offered a deal and five months to write my first book, ‘Tony An Me By Georg Bush’. Foreign publishers came on board, and it spread into Europe. Mum and Dad told me they saw it being sold straight off the counter at Waterstones. The Independent called it a ‘masterpiece’. The Observer said it was full of ‘malicious joy’. Even the Daily Mirror liked it! It was taken off the shelves of every WH Smiths in the UK due to ‘customer complaints’. I did lots of drawings and cartoons for the BBC, Greenpeace, NUS, and various other people, websites, magazines and organisations.  Then I wrote a second book, ‘This is War by Georg Bush’. Meanwhile I was self-publishing dozens of satirical comics which were distributed through comic shops, bookshops, and galleries.It was all a bit of an accident. One day, also almost by accident, I decided to run some holiday workshops for kids for a change, and Crazy Comic Club was born, which has totally distracted me ever since!

Crazy Comic Club

Introducing James Parsons
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