GagarinGagarin is a solo incarnation of Graham “ Dids “ Dowdall – percussionist, electronicist, samplist, composer, producer, community musician, sonic space explorer. He’s operated on the outer limits of music for several decades , starting out as a drummer he toured and recorded with Nico for a sustained period and over the years has also worked with John Cale, Suns of Arqa, Band of Holy Joy and many more. He is currently a member of legendary avant rockers Pere Ubu and also Roshi featuring Pars Radio.

He mostly works with electronic and field sound manipulated and controlled from drum pads, samplers, iPad  and other hard and software and his music is characterised by contrasting  melody and noise, atmosphere and glitchy beats.

His last album Biophila was described in Mojo as ‘electronica in its rawest sense’ and in Musicweek as ‘deeply beautiful glitchy electronica – stunning’

Under his given name Graham he has just released an experimental cassette Outside Braodcast through Touch’s Tapeworm imprint which is based on sounds sourced from analogue radios and is a eulogy to that dying format.

He gigs regularly with both bands in UK and Europe and contributes his unique soundworld to a variety of other projects.

As a community musician he specialises in working with technology and also teaches at Goldsmiths College.


Introducing Gagarin
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