Faye is an improviser, performer, and composer based in the North East. Playing clarinet, saxophone and sometimes her voice, Faye works in a variety of contexts which often revolve around exploring melodies, rhythm, story telling and sound.

She writes for and leads the garage-jazz trio Archipelago and is also a member of bodhran-reeds-piano Trio F-C-T, The Ornette Coleman inspired John Pope Quintet, and a duo with percussionist Charlie Collins.

Alongside this, Faye is preparing to record and tour with eclectic folk group The Unthanks in 2017 as they recreate the music of Molly Drake, and she also made it to the shortlist In 2016 to work with Imogen Heap.

Faye holds a strong belief that creative collaboration can be transformative; and as well as finding this in performing/composing, Faye also teaches Jazz saxophone at Newcastle University and elsewhere.

Since being immersed in the creative music scene of Montreal in 2015, Faye has continued to forge links with artists internationally as well as nationally, including Wilbert De Joode, Olie Brice, Ab Baars, Ellwood Epps, Corey Mwamba, Graeme Wilson, Charlie Collins, Greta Buitkute, Rhodri Davies, Shelly Knotts, Ig Henneman,Beatrix Ward-Fernandez, Phil Begg and Yves Charuest amongst many others who continue to inspire her ongoing practice.

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Introducing Faye MacCalman
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