Yoko Miura & Teppo Hauta-aho :: nostalgia :: ODD7001

Edition of 100 pro CDr in unbleached 8 page A5 artbook. £7 + shipping
Digital download £3
Original photography by Colin Reynolds
Recorded live in concert November 19, 2013 in Helsinki
Concert organized by Sakari Puhakka

We are very excited to announce our debut release in the form of a live duo recording by Yoko Miura (piano) and Teppo Hauta-aho (double bass)



Yoko Miura :: Teppo Hauta-aho :: Colin Reynolds


‘There’s something about a duo improvisation… the maximum potential freedom while still being tempered by the necessity for close listening. It’s hardly a guaranteed format, but when it does work – as in the case of this first release from ODD7 – it can be the perfect balance of spontaneity and structure.’ A Jazz Noize – Full review at A Jazz Noize

Other News:

Yoko is coming to the UK in September and we have a concert on September 22, 2015 at The Parish Rooms in Ulverston featuring a trio of Yoko, Charlie Collins (percussion) and Shaun Blezard (electronics). Details to come.

Yoko Miura and Teppo Hauta-aho – nostalgia
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