We got off to a great start with the first Towards The Margins show last night.

Off the cuff and unannounced to the last minute but a solid 1 hour show. Shaun eased into a kind of Jazz Club version of John Peel and the music was really amazing. Have a listen below. We will be archiving the shows at Mixcloud so you can keep coming back to them.


  1. Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble – Toward The Margins – Toward The Margins (ECM) : Buy
  2. Greta Buitkutė & Charlie Collins – This Ain’t Apple Core – clothes-line (ODD7 : Coming Soon)
  3. Jean-Luc Petit – Abrasive Incursions – Matière des Souffles (Improvising Beings) : Buy
  4. DunningWebsterUnderwood – Dust Bleed Blip (Unreleased)
  5. Yoko Miura & Teppo Hauta-aho – Chase Up The Shadows – Nostalgia : (ODD7)
  6. Juxtavoices – Are Your Children Safe In The Sea? – Juxtanother Antichoir From Sheffield (Discus) : Buy
  7. Monkey Puzzle Trio – Disappointed – The Pattern Familiar (Slowfoot) : Buy
  8. Max Eastley, Graham Halliwell, Evan Parker, Mark Wastell – A Carp Gives A Lesson In Perseverence – A Life Saved by A Spider and Two Doves (Another Timbre) : Buy
Towards The Margins Pilot