Last show before Christmas and what a corker! We have a Triangle of tracks from the label Emanem, all of which are by Spontaneous Music Ensemble led by the amazing John Stevens. John Stevens gave the names of both ODD7 and Triangle from his book Search and Reflect which is a series of improvisation exercises. If you improvise you really should own this book. Making up the rest of the show we have the usual mix of exclusives, new releases and old releases.

Merry Christmas to you all and we’ll be back next week with our roundup of 2015 releases – hopefully we can come up with a top 10!!


  1. Konstantin Gusev & Martin Hoogeboom – Boxed Birds I – Boxed Birds (Self Released) – Buy
  2. Gidouille – Mola Praktiko (Exclusive) – Soundcloud
  3. Kay Grant & Alex Ward – Oxford – Making Rooms (Weekertoft) – Buy
  4. Ornette Coleman – Sunday In America – Skies Of America (BGO) – Buy
  5. Sarah Gail Brand & Morgan Guberman – Monkey Bean – Dig A Ditch And Get In (Regardless) – Buy
  6. Flow Trio – InfinTrinity (edit) – Set Theory Live At The Stone (Ayler) – Buy
  7. Spontaneous Music Ensemble – Echo Chamber Music 1 – Summer 1967 (Emanem) – Buy
  8. Spontaneous Music Ensemble – A Certain Elegance – A New Distance (Emanem) – Buy
  9. Spontaneous Music Ensemble – Flower –  Frameworks (Emanem) –Buy
Towards The Margins #43
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