A show of new artists this week with plays of tracks from Fanfare in Poland and Discordian in Spain. plus a whole lot more…

Towards The Margins is broadcast live via Mixlr on Sundays between 10pm & 11pm UK time.

Here is #4 – you can also listen at Podbean or iTunes


  1. Agustí Fernández, Mats Gustafsson, Ramon Prats – Don’t Mess With The Reactor – Breakin’ The Lab! (Discordian) – Buy
  2. Seth Bennett  – En Bas Quartet 1st Movement –  (Demo) – Website
  3. Filip Zawanda – Daddy, Is The Whale Wet Inside? – Snow Is The Sun For The Eskimo (Fanfare) – Buy
  4. Discordian Community Ensemble – Johnny On The Spot – Draught, Suspician (Discordian) – Buy
  5. Dimitris Papageorgiou – Plateau – (Demo) – Soundcloud
  6. Sin Anestesia – The Cryptomnesiac, The Rake, His Wife and Her Lover – The Transdimensional Seduction Handbook (Discordian) – Buy
  7. Fanfare – C3 – Primal Intuition (Fanfare) – Buy
  8. Gidouille- On A Bend In The River Medlock  – (Demo) – Soundcloud
Towards The Margins #4