A great show tonight – our new feature ‘Triangle’ features a trio of tracks from Chicago net label pan y rosas and loads of other brilliant improv. Brought to you with love xx


  1. Solar Fire Trio – Hand To Mouth – Hand To Mouth (Self Released) – Buy
  2. Grew Quartet – Scenario – Invisible Hand (Poor Oedipus) – Buy
  3. NowCut, John Cuny, Jean Michel Susini, Yaping Wang, Jean Bordé – I’S1 (edit) – improv’sextet (NowCut) – Buy
  4. Sten Erland Hermundstad, Ed van den Brekel, Martin Hoogeboom – The Boy – The Boy, The Moon and The Longing (Self Released) – Buy
  5. Volcano Radar Duo – Song Of The Lunar Albatross – Electro Parables (pan y rosas) – Download
  6. Sabrina Siegel, Bryan Day, Tom Djll, Bob Marsh – Part 3 – Ocean Of Lakes (pan y rosas) – Download
  7. Stella Veloce – Friday – For A Flat (pan y rosas) – Download
  8. Max Eastley, Graham Halliwell, Evan Parker, Mark Wastell – Human Fireflies – A Life Saved by A Spider and Two Doves (Another Timbre) – Buy
Towards The Margins #38