A treat for you all this week with exclusive live tracks from this weekends ODD7 concert. We have the amazing Grew Quartet with their encore in Ulverston, and starting the show a section of Some Some Unicorn’s debut live performance. Another exclusive comes in the form of a sneak peek of the forthcoming BABs album on Loop Collective.


  1. Some Some Unicorn – Live @ The Parish Rooms, Ulverston (TTM Exclusive) – Website
  2. Weavels – Mine Living Head – The Living Puzzle (Discus) – Buy
  3. BABs – Coyote, Moon Thief – The Vulture Watches (Loop Collective) – Buy
  4. Mike Cooper – Forbidden Delta Planet Blues (edit) – Forbidden Delta Planet Blues (Linear Obsessional) – Buy
  5. Vilde&Inga – Under Bakken – Makrofauna (ECM) – Buy
  6. Spring Heel Jack – Quintet – The Sweetness of Water (Thirsty Ear) – Buy
  7. Grew Quartet – Live @ The Parish Rooms, Ulverston (TTM Exclusive) – Bandcamp
Towards The Margins #36
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