Back live after the little break to go to TUSK, and it sounds like a little of the festival rubbed off on us. Some pretty full on music tonight, not always in your face but really up and going for it!


  1. Stephen Grew, Ian Simpson, Shaun Blezard – Rough Cut 4 (edit) – TTM Exclusive
  2. Weasel Walter – Scintillations – Gaffer Records sampler n°2 (Gaffer) – Download
  3. Martin Archer & Bo Meson – Track 4 – Echoic Enchantment (Discus) – Buy
  4. Laura Cannell – All The Land Ablaze – Beneath  Swooping Talons (Front and Follow) – Buy
  5. Sandy Ewen & Henry Kaiser – Altamaha-ha – Lake Monsters (Balance Point Acoustics) – Buy
  6. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – If You Were Born Without Wings, Do Nothing To Prevent Them From Growing – Music For The Dead (ōnyūdō) – Download
  7. David Birchall, Andrew Cheetham, Colin Webster, Otto Willberg – On Getting Famous And Being Asked: Can You Recite? Can You Be There At Nine? (edit) – Night Streets Of Madness (Tombed Visions) – Buy
  8. Predicate – Pall – Nails (Gaffer) – Buy
  9. KMKMK – KMKMK (edit) – Clarinet (Zoomin’ Night) – Buy
  10. Charles MingusII BS – Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (Impulse) – Buy
Towards The Margins #34