We interviewed Seth ahead of his appearance as musician in residence at Lancaster Jazz Festival. Join us for an hour of chat and music from one of the UK’s most exciting players. Alongside the entire En Bas Quartet is a track from Nut Club and a couple of tracks recorded during the Portfolio Improvisers residential at Wooda Farm funded by Sound and Music.

Seth Bennett website


  1. Seth Bennett – Solo Bass at Wooda Farm (Exclusive)
  2. Interview
  3. Nut Club – A Grimshaw Moon – December 2013 (Self Released) – Buy
  4. Interview
  5. En Bas Quartet – 1st Movement – En Bas Quartet (Self Released) – Buy
  6. Interview
  7. En Bas Quartet – 2nd and 3rd Movements – En Bas Quartet (Self Released) – Buy
  8. Interview
  9. En Bas Quartet – 4th Movement – En Bas Quartet (Self Released) – Buy
  10. Interview
  11. Portfolio Improvisers – First Set at Wooda Farm (edit) (Exclusive)

You may be interested in the short film about the Portfolio Improvisers project

Towards The Margins #33 Seth Bennett Special