Part two of our two specials looking at the underground experimental scene in China. Features an exclusive interview with Yan Jun of Subjam by Edward Sanderson.


1. Xiao He – Balaba – (Unreleased) 2009

An unreleased track from the material for Xiao He’s album Performance of Identity

2. Wei Wei/Vavabond – M4 – Yellow (Subjam) 2011 – Buy

Wei Wei here uses samples of insects, and all the track titles are from stars or nebulas, which reflects her interest in the sounds of space.

3. Yan Jun – Yesterday – Yesterday (Subjam) 2011 – Buy

This is Yan Jun walking in a circle and cracking sunflower seeds in the empty galleries of the Today Art Museum in Beijing. Yan also performed this during the opening, handing out bags of the seeds to the visitors to also take part.

4. Yan Jun – Out For Rain – Micro Feedback: Trigger (Rip On/Off) 2012 – Buy

This CD was published with the book ‘Géneration Dakou: Écouter, recycler, expérimenter’, edited by Patrick van Dieren and LUFF festival

5. FM3 – 7 – Ambience Sinica (Self Released) 2002 – Buy

6. Mafeisan – D – Absence (NOJIJI Records) 2007 – Buy

Before they turned into a noise band Mafeisan had a short period where they were playing improvised rock

Towards The Margins #21 Chinese Special part 2
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