The first of our two specials looking at the underground experimental scene in China. Features an exclusive interview with Yan Jun of Subjam by Edward Sanderson.


1. Wang Fan – An Inward Journey Through Birth, Ageing, Suffering, Death – Sound of Meditation Within The Body (Subjam) 2001- Buy

Recorded in 1999. This is the first part of a 33 minute piece, large sections of which use samples from tracks by Haino Keiji and Mouse On Mars.

2. GIGAwatts (aka Li Jianhong) – Thorn – Burning Fur Of Information (2pi records) 2008 – Buy

Recorded with some hardware on headphone at home.

3. Hitlike (aka Zhang Liming) – Second Day’s Strange Morning – Supper Wedding in Little Hamlet (Corner Sound) 2004 – Buy

This track is the recording of a random walking in his friend’s village, and starts very quietly.

4. Li Zenghui – 128-2 – Live at Waterland Kwanyin (Kwanyin) 2009 – Buy

You can’t hear it so clearly on the recording but members of the audience are chatting away while Li is playing, and Yan Jun thinks Li’s screaming is partly to fight against this indifferent environment.

Towards The Margins #20 Chinese Special part 1
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