In a tiny corner of Cumbria every Sunday the Towards The Margins radio show slips out onto the air, playing an hour of the finest improvised music. This weeks show features world exclusive plays of forthcoming albums coming out soon from labels in Yorkshire and New York, a bunch of other new releases and finished off with a triangle of tracks from Portugal.

Towards The Margins. Punching well above its weight!


  1. Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, William Parker, Federico Ughi – You Think So – Vol. 3 Rochester Live! (577) – Buy :: (Forward Festival Kickstarter)
  2. EUH! – Michael Ball Stole My Moped (The Ballad of Montpellier) (edit) – Michael Ball Stole My Moped (The Ballad of Montpellier) (Self Released) – Buy
  3. Deep Tide Quartet – See One, Do One, Teach One (edit) – See One, Do One, Teach One (Discus) – Buy
  4. Giacomo Salis, Paolo Sanna Percussion duo – Live at Cavallerizza Irreale (edit) – Live at Cavallerizza Irreale (Plus Timbre) – Download
  5. Áine O’Dwyer – Underbuilding – Safely Adrift (Self Released) – Buy
  6. Isnaj Dui – Blind Spot – Poiesis (Rural Colours) – Buy
  7. Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II – Malissa Williams & Timothy Russell feat. Melvin Gibbs – Silenced (577) – Buy :: (Forward Festival Kickstarter)
  8. Julie Kjær 3 – Dear Mr Bee – Dobbeltgæenger (Clean Feed) – Buy
  9. Luis Jose Martins – Folksong (edit) – Tentos, Invencoes E Encantamentos (Clean Feed) – Buy
  10. Trinity – Breaking Them Old – Breaking The Mold (Clean Feed) – Buy
Towards The Margins #127