An austerity special tonight. The entire playlist was put together for £8, mainly that high because I couldn’t resist adding to my Evan Parker collection so blew £7 on a CD.

Most of the tracks presented tonight are farmed from Bandcamp and the netlabel scene and I for one dare you to see any slipping of standards! An hour of prime pay what you want improv for your ears.


  1. WeaklingChild – Desecrate This Church (Self Released) – Buy
  2. Natalia Kamia & Haruhiko Okabe – Mastcutters’ Hymn to the Solar Bird – Mastcutters (Pan Y Rosas Discos) – Download
  3. Tim Hill, Michael Fairfax, Dave Young – Swimming with Leviathans – Leviathan Whispers (Self Released) – Buy
  4. Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson – Great Hall no. 4 – University Improvisations: The Great Hall (Self Released) – Buy
  5. Chris Cundy & Benedict Taylor – Hidden Bomba (edit) – Hidden Bomba (Linear Obsessional) – Buy
  6. Dave Jackson & Dave Birchall – Stay Free (edit) – Stay Free (Self Released) – Buy
  7. Tiago Morais Morgado – M de a Amor, Fá de Nota Musical (edit) – M de a Amor, Fá de Nota Musical (Nachtstück Records) – Buy
  8. John Coxon, Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost – Cinema (edit) – Cinema (Fataka) – Buy
  9. Bryan Kolaczkowski – Part Two (edit) – Cryptech (Self Released) – Buy
  10. Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel – Live at Betty’s Grill in Nashville (edit) (Self Released) – Buy
Towards The Margins #125