Back live after a couple of weeks away due to gigs РI did leave you with the Noise Upstairs Special prerecord, but then completely missed it last week.

So for #11 we bring you the show from the Travelodge in Newcastle, heady times (I’ve got a performance at The Baltic tomorrow for Babble if anyone is around!!)

The show tonight features a couple of tracks from a new label to us Tombed Visions, a tape label based at Islington Mill in Salford, tracks on newish releases from Discus and a mixture of self releases and classics.


  1. Inclusion Principal – Borderline Spiral – Third Opening (Discus) – Buy
  2. Andreae, Birchall & Cheetham – It’s A Symmetrical, Asymmetrical Problem – I Don’t Mind You Improvising, I Just Wish You’d Done It Better (Tombed Visions) – Buy
  3. Spontaneous Music Ensemble – Peripheral Vision – New Distance (Emanem) – Buy
  4. Amplidyne Effect & Hot Hail – Personal Forrest – Isotopia (Self Released) – Buy
  5. Spring Heel Jack – Church Music – Songs and Themes (Thirsty Ear) – Buy
  6. Displasia – R.4P1 – Disegno architettonico (Self Released) – Download
  7. Beck Hunters – Hunting For Metal – The Hunt Is On (Discus) – Buy
  8. Shepherds of Cats – Side A (Edit) – Shepherds of Cats (Tombed Visions) – Buy
Towards The Margins #11