shaun hugs

Started playing music by way of rudimentary bass in indie pop and alt-country bands around Cumbria in the late 80s whilst building nuclear submarines.

Started to listen to and make electronic music in the early 90s with a love of Tricky and The Orb. Made 1st solo electronic album in 2001. Became a freelance musician and creative technologist also in 2001, working with all ages across the UK.

Started one of the early experimental net labels Earth Monkey Productions in 2006 – releasing 75 albums from artists around the globe and reaching over 500,000 downloads. Also started promoting experimental gigs in Cumbria and playing live in various formations around this time. During this period was introduced and started playing free improve due to the guidance and help of Warrington Improvisers Collective’s Ian Simpson.

Organised a US tour in 2007 via MySpace for laptop quartet Good Noise Bad Noise and been involved in the experimental scene online – playing remotely at festivals, creating an interactive graphic score system, Capriccio and using crowd sourcing as a creative tool on various projects. Toured the UK seaside in 2015 with iPad duo Hugs Bison funded by Sound and Music.

Became New Voices Composer in the British Music Collective in 2014 through being a portfolio improviser under the mentorship of Steve Beresford.

About to start a crowd funding campaign mentored by Pledgemusic/SaM in March 2016 to fund 2nd Some Some Unicorn album – Unicornicopia.

He has played with range of contemporary artists including Matthew Bourne, Ryoko Akama, Keith Jafratte, Charlie Collins, Shelley Knotts, Kalendar, Anton Hunter, Mick Beck, Martin Archer, Rachel Musson, Julie Kjær, Stephen Grew, Steve Lewis, Seth Bennett, Herve Perez, Susan Matthews and Yoko Miura.