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A quick turnaround promo film for the arts project Vagabonding. The show was put together by Headzup Theatre of Barrow for Lakes Alive. The show was:

In May 2011, two showmen will journey around South Cumbria, stopping along the way to perform for visitors and local residents. Beginning on historic Piel Island, the journey will take three weeks, travelling mainly on foot between visitor attractions and isolated, rural communities. We will travel with a small cart that doubles as a puppet booth and carries with it a collection of puppets, props and instruments (as well as a tent and a change of clothes).

Our specially created show will feature songs and stories devised from local heritage and folklore. Along the way, we will collect and document stories and songs from the places we visit, sharing them with new audiences each day.

Commissioned by Lakes Alive, the show will be written, produced and performed by Phill Gregg and Gary Bridgens of Headzup, two Barrow-born artists who have been working together on professional projects in the area for over ten years.

The journey is inspired by those of puppeteer Walter Wilkinson who, during the 1920s and 1930s, toured his show throughout the British Isles, setting up show wherever he could find an audience and writing a travelogue of his experiences as he walked the country with his puppet booth. Taking inspiration from this singular fellow and applying a 21st century arsenal of technology to share their travels and tales, a larger audience will be able to follow the journey through an interactive website

I recorded the footage at the second show of the tour and edited and uploaded it the same night to publicise the tour.




Vagabonding promo film
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