Susan Matthews with Clutter – Silence Alight – Apollolaan Recordings  – APAN029 (2010) – CDr (SOLD OUT)

Susan Matthews is a UK based avant-garde experimental composer, known for her intense, ambitious, hypnotic harmonies and industrial noise creations.

Susan Matthews with Clutter - Silence AlightA little info on Silence Alight:

“The piece was recorded in October 2009 at the Canteen Media and Arts Centre during rehearsals for a performance Shaun and I did as part of my artist residency at the FON (Full of Noises) Festival, Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria

The piece is based on an extended piano composition I created. Shaun then supplied field recordings and electronics.

Silence Alight was originally inspired by an unfinished song written by my son Fenn with the lyric ‘King of the world strike me down, strike me down now’. Fenn had written a basic piano accompaniment to the song from which I took the opening chords as my starting point. The piece has three distinct sections, each with their own ‘theme’ (‘King of the world’ can be heard in the second section) Each section was carefully composed and subsequently ‘dismantled and developed’ through improvisation during performance and as a result of Shaun’s imaginative and sympathetic live processing of the piano.’ – Susan Matthews

This release was an edition of 50 hand painted, numbered and assembled copies on cdr and is now sold out. Released by Apolollaan Recordings.

Excerpt from the performance at FON:

Susan Matthews with Clutter – Silence Alight
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