I have just been a speaker at New Music Biennial at the Southbank Centre in London as part of two seminars for sound and music.

Some of the most innovative digital producers, musicians, programmers and curators join together for a weekend of talks and discussions to discuss how composers working today can harness new opportunities presented by digital technology.

Part of the New Music Biennial 2014

These two symposiums will look at emerging trends in digital media focussed on two themes of new platforms and audiences online. How can new developments in technology best be used to the advantage of composers? What works, what doesn’t? Are there any ethical implications, and what are they? In what direction are we headed? And what happens if we get left behind?

Sunday 6th July, 10am – 11.20am

Sounding Out Digital: Building Audiences Online: Level Five Function Room at Royal Festival Hall

Engaging debate about the nature of online audiences in all of their different manifestations, and how to grow them! From live streaming to the immediacy of social media and audience interaction – and anything else you would like to bring to the table during the Q&A. Panellists include: Shaun Blezard (Hugs Bison), Lisa Meyer (Capsule), Martin Franklin (South Hill Park, The Place) and Julia Payne (The Hub). Chaired by Rich Whitelaw, Head of Programmes at Sound and Music.

Sounding Out Digital at Southbank Centre
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