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Well the EU referendum happened and all hell broke loose it seems. So we give you Running On Empty a 2 track EP

Both tracks were recorded in Salford with Manoli Moriaty at the controls. They were scheduled to be part of the upcoming PledgeMusic album Unicornucopia but with the turn of events we thought we wanted to put them out together as our reaction to the historical events unfolding.

The tracks were recorded on 26 May and were a sketch of how we were feeling about the EU referendum, Tory fraud allegations, the vicious attacks on the vulnerable by Tory policy and the ongoing campaign by Blairites in the Labour Party to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. SSU is not a political band as such – The work is very much a Northern Branch product, though many other Unicorns have similar feelings. The band has many activists, community based artists and everyone is community minded – not all share the politics of this release but work towards building a better world. Or we certainly try to…..

So we give you this as a present. We hope you get something from it. There is an option to give us some money for it – which will be put towards the next album, but what would be really great is if you popped over and contributed to HOPE not hate.

HOPE not hate exists to provide a positive antidote to the politics of hate. We seek to overcome the politics and division by building resilience within local communities, equipping activists with the tools they need and monitoring and exposing the activities of hate groups.

Please give generously, they do great work and we would prefer that you gave them something if you can. Donating directly also stops us having to give money to Paypal so HOPE not hate get more of the money raised

Donate to HOPE not hate now –

HOPE not hate website –

SSU Northern Branch were
Shaun Blezard, Stephen Grew, Anton Hunter, Keith Jafrate, Steve Lewis, Sarah Miller, Manoli Moriaty, Alexx O’Shea, Ian Simpson, Dave Tompkins, Kath Tyldesley, Mike Tyldesley

Some Some Unicorn – Running on Empty
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