Help Some Some Unicorn make their 2nd album – Unicornucopia. Pre-order the album or exclusive items and experiences.

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set 1Some Some Unicorn is an experiment in community and improvisation. The first album Some Some Unicorn & The Golden Periphery was made using file swapping by 40 musicians. We are wanting to carry on the project with a series of recording dates to get as many of us in the studio together as we can. This will make the album Unicornucopia.

A cornucopia is otherwise known as a horn of plenty and the fluid membership gives the band pretty much that – a whole lot of talent on show!!

If you join the campaign you will be helping us to grow the Unicorn community, help pay for recording and the pressing of a CD version of the album. The usual kind of goodies are there plus you can book us for a workshop, or even have a load of us come and play a show for you.

Many thanks.


Some Some Unicorn PledgeMusic Campaign
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