Some Some Unicorn are playing at Other Worlds in Blackpool.

The festival runs from 7 – 10 April 2016

other worldsAlso on the bill are Richard Dawson – Laura Cannell – Gum Takes Tooth – Paddy Steer – Bongoleeros – Graham Dunning – Tirikilatops – Tse Tse Fly – Fret! – The Perverts – Left Hand cuts off the Right – and more TBC. One of the strongest line ups at a festival for a while I reckon.

They say:

We’re overjoyed to be hosting the brilliant Some Some Unicorn this year. They’re a thrilling concept,  excellently executed, so excitingly unique and they’ll be with us in April.

In their own words, they are a “large collective of like minded musical magpies under the laid back eye of composer and improviser, Shaun Blezard.”

According to their website, the band has featured many other established artists and is never the same twice (I’ve already said unique, haven’t I?) There are an astounding 30+ artists within the collective in total and a different combination of them all feature when they play or record. (And I salute whoever can coordinate that many people, never mind musicians.) Their site is eminently navigable and seems assiduously tended to, giving you ample opportunity to check them out both live and recorded.

“The sound of Some Some Unicorn is improvised around loose ideas from Shaun to create a big band free drone soundscape…the music flows around and between players, the audience and the room to become a journey in that particular time and space – though there are markers in free jazz, ambient electronics, free improv, and the electric jazz experiments of the early Seventies, all players bring their own influences to the pot”

They are just as dizzyingly exhilarating as they sound. At times their sound is infuriatingly indescribable, which just makes one focus further on the music. This allows one to appreciate how stunningly intricate and diverse the pieces are. The gorgeous calm tinkling of Patience Changes Everything stands in stark contrast to Time Begins Once More, which sounds like the soundtrack to a fight scene in an action film when it begins, reaches a fantastic crescendo, coasts into a mournful harmonica and trumpet section, slows further and segues into an almost orchestral piece, overlaid with the intermittent whine of radio static.
And that’s just the first two minutes of a piece of over nine. It’s so incredibly creative and compelling. Not sounds to rock out to, but definitely one for music-lovers who appreciate the eclectic, and we do.

They’ll be appearing at Bootleg Social on Sunday 10th April for Other Worlds Festival 2016, so come and participate in a genuine once in a lifetime experience.

Some Some Unicorn @ Other Worlds Festival
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