Shaun Blezard – Some Solo Unicorn – Clutter Music – CM017 (2016) – Download

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As part of my time as a New Voice composer, with Sound and Music, I produced an album Some Some Unicorn and The Golden Periphery. This was an experiment in group composition and large ensemble playing.

I created a series of audio sketches that were uploaded and available as backing tracks for musicians to play along to. The collection of contributions were then edited and a second version was uploaded for final ‘overdubs’ before I edited and mixed the finished album,

There are over 30 musicians on the album, most of who haven’t met, or even heard each other’s contributions. What started as my possible King Arthur on Ice moment actually became a really great, coherent album, which I’m very proud of.

This album is some of those original sketches, originally released on Classwar Karaoke, now brought to you via Clutter Music.

All the sketches were recorded live using just an iPad

Shaun Blezard – Some Solo Unicorn
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