Shaun Blezard – In Air – Clutter Music – CM014 (2014) – Download

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Written over a couple of nights during Christmas 2014 whilst getting to know the iPad app Samplr. All improvised.

My first solo outing in quite a while and the first under my own name.

I had a bit of a block about what I wanted to do solo for a few years. I recorded things and they didn’t sit right with me, or I felt uninspired playing solo. Playing, especially improvising, is much more fun with other people and it was through the project Some Some Unicorn that I have found myself again.

Making an album with so many people brings a certain pressure and therefore I really listened closely to everything, to make the best album I could but that contributors would be happy with. All this close and prolonged listening has really freshened my ears up. So when I started spending more time getting to know some apps I thought to record them.

When I listened back there were some really beautiful ambient passages and a great feel to it so I decided to release it.

This release also sees the first under my own name. There are many reasons why. Dropping the Clutter name seems timely, my work is getting more minimal, more focused, indeed less Cluttered. My real name is also so much easier to search for on the Internet.

So welcome to my uncluttered new world.

Shaun Blezard – In Air
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