Sarah Murphy – When Bill Danced The War – The Word Hoard – WHCD002 (2007) CD (Sold Out)

Sarah Murphy - When Bill Danced The WarSarah Murphy is of mixed Choctaw, English, Irish and Hispanic heritage. A translator, interpretor, visual artist, social activist, teacher and author of five books, she was born and raised in New York City, and lived in Mexico before making her home in Canada in 1973.

Throughout her life she has worked with movements for social justice, and victims of torture and political violence as well as other forms of abuse, and these are often the issues that she explores in her work as a writer and visual artist.

Her fiction is strongly autobiographical, exploring the strange alienated view children have of the adult world, and revealing the violent, absurd and comical aspects of growing up working class in New York City

‘The prose is shot through with arresting images, wry observation and a clear vision of modern society’s twisted perspective on the world and its past. This is storytelling for grown-ups, an unflinching combination of wry wit, a wide perspective (taking the long view both personally and historically) and fury. Sir Laurence Olivier wrote of the play Saved by Edward Bond: ‘Saved is not a play for children but it is for grown-ups, and the grown-ups of this country should have the courage to look at it.’ This is the quality Sarah presents to us. She stands as a direct polar opposite to the mind-numbing presumptions of daytime TV, as a standard bearer for value and as a signpost toward the truth of the world. She’s like a kind of literary aunt who comes over and tells you stuff your parents don’t want you to know.’ – Bob Lockwood

Sarah Murphy: voice/text
Shaun Blezard: laptop/processing
Keith Jafrate: saxophones/percussion

Released by The Word Hoard

Sarah Murphy – When Bill Danced The War
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