Phantom CircuitPhantom Circuit is a programme of strange and wonderful sound waves that you can hear streamed over the internet.

Since October 2008 Phantom Circuit has promoted and supported music that is alien, electronic, exotic or overlooked… plus familiar objects viewed from unusual angles… All of it is worth a try, so we hope you will listen in.

History and Highlights

The first two series of the show were made as part of an effort to help start an internet radio station; the final edition of that run was in August 2009. In April 2010 the programme was relaunched using the excellent Mixcloud platform, and the bulk of the archives of all series is now available to be streamed at the click of a button.

We try to make sure that every edition has something unique to offer, but in addition to the mix of unusual music we have also been lucky enough to present live music, interviews or other features from a wide range of artists. See the list of past editions or our  list of special features.

Phantom Circuit online

Shows featuring Shaun Blezard

Phantom Circuit #81 –  Featuring the first of our reports on the Full of Noises festival 2011, this time concentrating on some of the events in Barrow Park, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, on Saturday 6th August.

Phantom Circuit #80 – The second of two reports on the Woodland Gathering festival, featuring the complete debut performance of improvisational electro-acoustic supergroup Black Forest Orchestra.

Phantom Circuit #52 – Featuring an atmospheric set of live electronic music by Clutter. The musician behind Clutter, Shaun Blezard, talks about some of his many current projects, the Open Circuit evenings, the creation of Soundonation and why it was time to retire his prolific netlabel Earth Monkey Productions.

Phantom Circuit #29 – Show #29 features the entire live set by Clutter, recorded at the Wagon and Horses pub in Digbeth, Birmingham, in a night of music organised by Radio Black Forest.

Phantom Circuit #18 – Phantom Circuit visits Earth Monkey Productions, a prolific and highly regarded net-label based in Cumbria. “Capt. Earth Monkey” himself, Shaun Blezard, talks about his solo project Clutter and other work, and, with additional contribution from Janice Benson, about some of EMP’s educational and community projects. The music is mostly taken from a handful of the experimental, ambient or just plain unusual releases on Earth Monkey, along with a few illustrative interlopers to spice the pot.

Phantom Circuit
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