Orfeo 5 – A Year On The Ice – The Word Hoard – WHCD003 (2009) – CD/Download

Orfeo 5 on this album are:

Shaun Blezard: electronics
Keith Jafrate: saxophones

‘Orfeo 5 have created an album that has haunted my seedee player this last month. You can hear their influences (especially that of Parker) but not in any way that’s distracting or demeaning to either party. Jafrate’s saxophone alternates between atonality and lyricism with sublime ease and Blezard’s noises can be both unobtrusive and leading depending on the particular compositions….. Both players interlink almost seamlessly…..a mighty fine melding of breath, circuitry and oodles of ideas. Recommended.’ Ian Holloway, Wonderful Wooden Reasons

‘saxophones with live electronics in winning combinations, restrained yet packed with information; they explore their own interior landscapes as much as they limn the craggy geography of West Yorkshire in sound.’The Sound Projector

‘I just got up from laying down while listening to your music. man, what can i say? besides the prowess, i really love the organic quality. and big room to stretch. you have a great knack for keeping the balance between too much and not enough. transitions are seamless, and i love the scales the sax rides – they seem like the underside of what i would typically hear.’ – Vicki Brown

Tracks 5 & 6 are one take, so if you download the album for optimum listening pleasure set your player/burner so that there’s no pause between them.

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Orfeo 5 – A Year On The Ice
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