As we drift into 2015 I am launching a micro label called ODD7 recordings – a label releasing short run editions of improvised music.

Label News Update:

We are now well ahead with our plans for the label. We will be unleashing our first three releases in March/April featuring Charlie Collins, Greta Buitkutė, Keith Jafrate, Matt Bourne, Simon Prince, Shaun Blezard, Yoko Miura and Teppo Hauta-aho.

Each release will be an edition of 100 printed CDr housed in an 8 page A5 booklet on recycled paper – all in a polythene bag. These will come with free download version.

There will also be a download version available. The jury is still out on the likes of iTunes.

We will also be kick starting our podcast show Towards The Margins very soon. Featuring work from the world of improvised music and including interviews and sessions and much more – visit the Towards The Margins page for more details.

We are looking into our first live shows – Label launches in Manchester and Sheffield and a trio of Yoko Miura, Charlie Collins and Shaun Blezard in Cumbria in September as part of the Miura/Collins UK tour.

Plus don’t forget to have a read of our Reflections archive, a collection of writings about improvised music. Nothing too much there yet but it will be building as we go.

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ODD7 recordings
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