Various Artists – Motion.Silence.Echo – Sirenwire  – SW98 (2011) – Deluxe & standard edition CDr/Download

Features the Clutter remix Slow Corrosion.

Four years in the making Motion.Silence.Echo a double album of remixes of music by Susan Matthews by some of her favourite contemporary artists.

‘Since I began releasing my own music back in 2005 I have interacted with many musicians who have impressed me not only with their imaginative and inspiring music but also with their warmth and modesty.

Motion.Silence.Echo was inspired by these musicians. I have always been interested in experimentation. I am fond of creating a sound and then working with that sound, deconstructing it, developing it, re-imagining it. In 2007 I hit upon the idea of allowing others the opportunity to remix my work.

I chose my remixers very carefully, I wanted artists I knew would have the courage and talent to really explore my music, people I knew would be unafraid of pulling it into their own soundworld, developing it and and re-presenting it back to me in a new form. People who I knew would be unafraid to show me something new about my music.

As an album Motion.Silence.Echo is diverse and eclectic, but ultimately coherent and satisfying. The results are incredible – startling, surprising, unnerving, comforting, imaginative, stark, complex, thrilling… an exciting testament to the wealth of talent within’

Susan Matthews, October 2011

Buy CDr version @ Sirenwire and find out more about Susan & links to all the other artists involved.

Slow Corrosion was originally featured on the Slow Corrosion EP

Motion.Silence.Echo – Various Artists
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