keystrokKeystrok Recordr is Shaun Blezard (Hugs Bison, Some Some Unicorn, Yeah Yeah Industrial, Orfeo 5, ex-Clutter) of Cumbria, England and David Wright LaGrone (ex-WaveShaper, ex-1000 Aeroplanes Crashing in the Night) of Nashville Tennessee.

Performing and recording trans-Atlantically via emergent technology such as Skype and specialized audio software, Blezard and LaGrone create dense, imposing sound collages using touch capacitive devices such as iPads as well as the legendary Akai MPC audio sampler.

This recording is of their first public performance at Queen Avenue Art Collective’s notable Future Night as curated by Mike Kluge, with LaGrone present and Blezard broadcast through a projector.

Keystrok Recordr – Capturing The Magic That Never Was
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