Id of Mobius – Excursions – Clinical Archives – CA322 (2009) – Free Download

Id Of Mobius - ExcursionsId of Mobius on this album were:

Shaun Blezard: electronics/bass
Simon Jones: violin/electroacoustic instruments
Ian Simpson: electronics/lapsteel
Harry Gallimore:electronics/kaoss instruments

Id of Mobius had its roots in last years Centrifuge concerts at the Kings Arms in Salford, Manchester which were organised by Frakture (Liverpool). The chance grouping of Shaun, Harry, Ian & Simon received extremely positive feedback with many audience members requesting they ‘do it again’ sometime. Excursions is exactly that, Id of Mobius ‘doing it’.

Id of Mobius features members from Fonik, Clutter and Noise Club.

‘My faith in electronic music has been restored’ – Phil Morton, Frakture

Download @ The Internet Archive :: Direct download

Released by Clinical Archives

Id Of Mobius – Excursions
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