Hugs Bison will be playing a landlocked version of B-Side The Seaside – big screen at Media City!!


One ticket for both events, £5. Advance booking is recommended as previous events reached venue capacity. Click here for eventbrite page.

Celebrating two years of noise in Manchester and beyond, Metanast presents two diverse evenings of sonic and visual performances on 15 & 20 April 2016.

The collective was founded on a mission of introducing new music to audiences who seldom experience it by producing music events at unlikely venues. From octophonic acousmatic concerts in nightclubs to noise performances in concert halls, Metanast has been championing a migratory approach in new music performance for the past two years. Marking this anniversary and acknowledging the appreciation our events have received from our dedicated and enthusiastic audience, the next instalment sees two events where a reversal of sound and space takes place.

Starting on Friday 15 April at Dulcimer, better known for featuring Soul, Reggae, and Jungle clubnights in Chorlton, we are hosting local performers of sound art and noise music. This reversed theme continues on Wednesday 20 April where we return at the Digital Performance Lab, University of Salford’s state of the art multifaceted hall. Usually hosting concerts and theatrical plays, the space’s atmosphere will resemble a nightclub both in sound and vision, hosting audiovisual performances by artists from Bristol, Cumbria, Stockholm and Helsinki, as well as sets by local DJs.

Visitors will be able to attend both events by purchasing a single ticket, which will include free drinks at Wednesday’s closing event. Many more surprises and interactive activities will be released up to the event. Once again, we are greatful to all audiences and artists for the support and appreciation they have shown us over the course of of our activities, and we look forward to welcoming you to our latest ambitious endeavour.

Hugs Bison at Metanast
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