mobile bisonWe had a marvelous time at If Wet on Saturday as part of their tour.

If Wet is ‘Part show and tell, part test bed, part salon; a place for artists to showcase their latest sonic works and research. A place for you to revel and discuss.

If Wet… was set up when we found ourselves faced with yet another night of mediocre blues covers in a local pub. It’s the classic DIY response. We’ve built it, we hope you will come…’

We spoke about our work with streaming, touch screen technology and that kind of thing. We were joined by Morton Underwood the brains behind If Wet talking about their giant feedback organ and Lee Patterson sharing work from his career as a field recordist and sound artist.

All very inspiring and helped along by the wonderful Octopus Collective and funded by Sound and Music

Hugs Bison at If Wet
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