As part of Hugs Bison’s 12 month stint on the Sound and Music incubator scheme we have been writing blogs about what we’ve been up to.

hugs-bannerSound and Music say: ‘Hugs Bison are Shaun Blezard and Phil Powell, a duo of iPad wielding improvisers interested in the internet and how it can be used to form new community spaces. Hugs Bison are curating a series of experiments in online events leading to 2 shows live from London. The events will focus upon using technology to create a coherent programme featuring players from across the world over the internet. Audience data will be collected from each show and mined to understand how best to create interest in locations where the duo have no physical presence.’

Read our blogs here:

Hugs Bison and online audience development

Hugs Bison — Adventures In Streaming: Part One

We have also been working with Tusk over in Newcastle who are fellow incubators and they have been blogging to:

Stephen Bishop – A Beginners Guide to Streaming TUSK Mini Festival 2014

Stephen Bishop on the TUSK Festival Archive Launch

Hugs Bison Incubator scheme blogs
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