Ferris Wheel - Weston-Super-MareI have recently bought my first DSLR – a cheapish Fujifilm Finepix fixed lens affair. I have wanted to get something for a bit as I have been taking documentation photos for arts projects lately and wasn’t happy with the results I was getting, so I though I would treat myself to a new bit of kit with some birthday money.

I have been travelling round the country working loads over the last few weeks so it’s been fun to take the camera with me and go for little strolls looking for interesting things to shoot while I get used to the camera.

I have also been reading up on the technical side of things and thinking about this and trying to improve what I’m doing – you can see the results at my Flickr page – hopefully the photos will get better over the next few months – If you do Flickr please come say hello 🙂

The next stage will be to decide why I’m taking the photos – is it just a fun hobby to do whilst travelling and to relax or am I going to think of an interesting project to use photography with – for now I’m more than happy to be learning the craft and see what happens…..

Having fun with photography