Good Noise Bad Noise vs Duet For Theremin and Lap Steel РLive Manatees РEarth Monkey Productions  РEMP054 (2008) РFree Download

Good Noise Bad Noise vs Duet For Theremin & Lap Steel - Live ManateesTwo recordings of Good Noise Bad Noise performing with Duet For Theremin and Lap Steel during their joint US tour in March 2008.

Good Noise Bad Noise are a loose collective of improvising musicians, sound artists and video artists based in the North of the UK. They play a mixture of electroacoustic music and drone based free improvisation mixing processed field recordings and found sound with live instruments and live visuals.

Duet for Theremin and Lapsteel is Scott Burland on Theremin and Frank Schultz on Lap Steel. The project came out of an Eyedrum improv group performance at The Contemporary. Although we were both there, we never did get paired up to play together and thought that it would be an interesting pairing. Performances and recorded tracks are improvised.

Kness With Trees – recorded on an RV in Manatee National Park, Florida
Under The Porcelain – recorded at The Belmont Arts Center, Pensacola, Florida (also featuring Joseph Jones)

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Released by Earth Monkey Productions

Good Noise Bad Noise vs Duet For Theremin and Lap Steel – Live Manatees