Good Noise Bad Noise – Semiotic Clunker – Electronic Musik – EM066 (2009) – Free Download

Good Noise Bad Noise - Semiotic ClunkerGood Noise Bad Noise were:
Shaun Blezard: laptop/fx
Dan Gibson: visuals
John Hall: laptop/fx
Neil Woodall: violin/fx

‘There will always be those albums, the ones you just love but when someone asks you what is it about the album in particular that you enjoy, you can’t put it into words, even though you think it’s on the tip of your tongue. Semiotic Clunker had this very effect on me, just one of those great albums that I would   just have to make you listen to to understand where I’m coming from. Good Noise Bad Noise are sensational at surrounding the listener with all these various odds and ends, ranging from Pandora’s Box chaos to an entrancing industrial sonance‘ – EXP/AM Review on Semiotic Clunker

Tracks 2, 4 & 6 recorded live @ Resonator Festival, Preston 2007 – full line up
All other tracks recorded at Lost Highway Studio, Barrow Island 2007 – no Neil

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Released by Electronic Musik

Good Noise Bad Noise – Semiotic Clunker