Framework RadioI have a piece of sound art featured on an edition of Framework Radio which was sequenced by Andi Chapple.

Andi says:

What I have done is collected work mostly based on recordings done in the northwest of England (and it’s turned out to be mostly rural) and/or by people living in the northwest of England. There is a strong sub-theme of work made out of recordings of music being played in the landscape, but there is a wide range of stuff from the shore of Morecambe Bay to football crowds…

My track, Germany Soundscape, was written for a Football Focus feature on football photographer Stuart Clarke during the World Cup in 2006, created in a hotel room in Nuremberg whilst filming a documentary for The Homes Of Football. Unused in the end as we couldn’t find anywhere to email it to the BBC in time for broadcast.

Framework Podcast :: Download Germany Soundscape and other Shaun Blezard commissioned pieces here

Framework Radio
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