Newby Bridge, Cumbria, LA12 8NN

Radio Black Forest and Endtyme present a two day festival of the avant garde and esoteric in the idyllic setting of Fellfoot wood in the Lake District, Cumbria…

At Fell Foot Wood

Newby Bridge, Cumbria, LA12 8NN

Entry Fee: £35 for weekend ticket


Hugs Bison are playing Woodland gathering III...

Radio Black Forest and Endtyme present a two day festival of the avant garde and esoteric in the idyllic setting of Fellfoot wood in the Lake District, Cumbria...

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Price inc. camping....


Formerly of Industrial dubstep act vex'd (Planet Mu) Roly Porter mines a rich seam of eerie, corrosive greyscale and moreover heavy dub-wise electronics, with a warped but careful sense of modern classical composition.
He releases on Subtext (the label ran by himself ,Paul Perrettebanasam and James Ginzburg (Emptyset)) .His debut 'Aftertime' was followed by the acclaimed 'Life cycle of a massive star' which pushed his reputation further as a producer of cutting edge electronica.

This will be a new show from Roly based around his LP scheduled to be released next year...



Gazelle Twin is the stage name of Elizabeth Bernholz , a British composer, producer and musician from Brighton, England.
Unsettling rhythms and haunting vocals ride out on mutoid electronica with avant garde dynamics exploring domains where the psychological meets the biological locked in frenzied rapturous bliss.
She has so far released the LP's Changelings (2010) and I Am Shell I Am Bone (2011) and Unflesh (2014) and a host of singles and Ep's.As well as being a pioneer of highly original electronic music she has also remixed music by electronic legend John Foxx .

(Tigertrap Records) (Endtyme)

Two man everything machine endlessly seeking what-the-fuck aural mesmerism in a maze like arrangement of physically overwhelming rituals of dance music, sound system culture, doom and pan-cultural psychedelics. Each member focusing intently on unmediated rhythmic interaction between crowd and performer, listener and emitter, directing the energy towards unexplored altered states. Dark primal frequencies are felt and not heard, unremitting circular drums shatter and rebirth whilst a cast of vocal characters provide an astral guide through these dizzying manipulations.


Freida Abtan is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist and composer. Her music falls somewhere in between musique concrete and more modern noise and experimental audio and both genres are influential to her sound. Her work has been compared to bands such as Coil, and Zoviet France, because of her use of spectral manipulation and collage.

Freida primarily works with samples of both musical and non-musical objects that she records herself and then manipulates, often beyond recognition, through techniques derived from musique concrète and through successive layers of digital signal processing. She uses structures reminiscent of popular music and more abstract compositional variants to sequence these sounds into melodic songs before incorporating her own treated voice.

As well as having created visual shows for and performed with the internationally renown group Nurse with Wound, Freida has presented her own sound and visual work at festivals across North America and Europe.


Fervent Noise-prog enforcers hailing from the Isle of Wight with an emphasis to ascend the use of conventional instruments into uncharted, energy fuelled territory. Scratchy, clunky, psychedelic textures scramble back and forth into a dumbfounded aoenian dance. Amidst wiry hypnotic soundscapes and sculptural arrangements they culminate a noise rock frenzy of erratic time signatures and meticulous compositions! Musical slabs of unease and transitional decent are ripped in three, stretched and fused into a chaotic sensory collage glued together on a looped horizon. A three piece exploiting a unique endeavor, steering a platform of sonic improvisation into refined structures.

Brian Gibson (Lightning bolt) ‘Exhausting, Relentless and really interesting!’


Leicestershire's electronic esoterrorist and Black Forest favourite has been gaining critical acclaim with his innovative soundscapes and genre defying sonic hexes.. Be sure to catch the sound of deep England channelled via kneeling over his arsenal of fx and gadgetry. It's strange to think this is all the sound of one man...His New lp is out next year on Cold Spring Records....



Cutthroats is a band from Vilnius, Lithuania, consisting of three musicians and a visual artist. cutthroats merges various influences in order to explore new musical horizons. The band once stated that they produce "vital stimulants for melancholics". These stimulants are made of unique mixture of kraut, hypnotizing monotony and post-noise aesthetics. cutthroats live performances are full of sonic energy, blasting drum beats and unexpected twists of guitar sounds. The band was formed in the winter of 2014 in Vilnius. During this year cutthroats extensively toured in Lithuania and performed in it's biggest music and art festivals. For now the band has released one video clip for the track "Ignition".


Hugs Bison are a technology driven duo, exploring the frontiers of smart technology. They push tablets and apps to the limit to create cinematic, multi-faceted improvised soundscapes. The duo are Phil Powell & Shaun Blezard, one a technologist with a passion for music, the other a musician with a passion for technology.

Phil Powell is an award winning web developer who has been working with online technology for a number of years. Shaun Blezard is currently a Sound and Music New Voice - a scheme for the UKs most exciting emerging and mid career composers working in new music.

Together they are exploring smart technology, how this can make music and pushing the boundaries of online presentation of music.

Woodland Gathering III
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