Church Walk, Ulverston, LA12 7EN

Debut live performance by Some Some Unicorn supporting Grew Quartet

At The Parish Rooms

Church Walk, Ulverston, LA12 7EN

Entry Fee: Donations

The first live performance by Some Some Unicorn in support of Grew Quartet

Some Some Unicorn is an experiment in communal music making. Working on the border of composition and improvisation this work has drawn together 30 artists from the fields of improv, electronics, jazz, poetry and popular music. Some names you will know, some you don’t yet, but all have given time and talent to become Some Some Unicorn.

For the debut live performance the line up is:

  • Jamie Barnes Harmonica
  • Seth Bennett Double Bass
  • Shaun Blezard iPad
  • Stephen Grew Piano
  • Herve Perez Sax
  • Phil Powell iPad
  • Matt Robinson Clarinet
  • Ann Wilson Poems

with one or two more members to be confirmed

For more details visit ODD7 recordings

The Grew Quartet are thoroughly spontaneous and range through many moods and influences, from cool, reflective lyricism to an intensity not dissimilar to a high velocity Jimmy Giuffre/Paul Bley ensemble through to more playful, jazz influenced melodic and rhythmic areas, taking in the atomistic, pinpoint energy of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble of the 1970’s.

Stephen GREW Piano :: Seth BENNETT Double Bass :: Matt ROBINSON Clarinets :: Phillip MARKS Drums

Some Some Unicorn – Ulverston